The darkest of the Chateau. Perfect for sadists and masochists wantng pain, screams, heavy immobilisation and tears. Dark glamour style torture room, with a private dungeon enclosed by prison bars, perfect for lovers of harder experiences.
List of furniture and items
Prison cell
Long snakeskin whip
Long whip made of eco leather
Ropes x4
Electrostimulation equipment
Butt Plug pet play
Boxing gloves
A large cage
Pet Play water and food bowls
Latex dog mask
Dog station
Cross chair for immobilization
12 leather handcuffs in various uses
Leather overlay for testicles
Various kinds of gags x4
Strap-on harness with spikes
Leather fixing fasteners, various types x5
Paddles, whips, floggers of various kinds x14
Electric vibrator
Metal nipple clamps
Testicular torture device
Disposable gloves
Big BBC dildo
Eco leather mask with gag ball, blindfold and attached funnel
Room:The Dark Room