If you've ever felt an inner desire to feel like a woman or a girl, this room will be perfect for you. Created especially for feminisation, for lovers of glitterr, pink and strapons. A wide selection of outfits, wigs and shoes will make you the perfect sissy. No detail has been spared, from chic, glamorous accessories, detailed wall surfaces and a crystal chandelier allow you to undergo a transformation in a stylish and sexy interior.
List of furniture and items
Metal handcuffs
Open gag
Open gag lips
Pink gag ball
Pink Bondage tape
Fake breasts
Various underwear, clothes, disguises - in large numbers
3 wigs
Pink chastity belt
8 pairs of high heels - various men's sizes
Fisting hand
3 very large dildos
8 medium and small size dildos
6 anal plugs in various sizes
Make-up cosmetics
Nail polishes
Makeup removal liquids and varnish
Strap on harness
Subtle handcuffs with pearls and a bow
Pink collar
Pink leash
Pink handcuffs
Disposable gloves
Room:Sissy Room