The main and largest room of the Chateau. An elevated throne and a unique four-poster bed with a cage underneath will make you feel like royalty. A truly subtle playspace . Atmospheric, designer, but still full of erotic surprises and high quality BDSM equipment.
List of furniture and items
Electric suspension equipment
Saint Andrew's Cross
Pony Play saddle
Single whip with a metal handle
Cane in black rubber x2
Red gag ball
Leather blindfold
3 dildos of different sizes
Suspension shackles
Fetish Chateau rubber paddle
Gag ball Pet Play
Gag Ball Pony Play
Black Bondage Tape
Chains of a large number of different lengths
Leather foot shackles x8
Leather handcuffs x8
Latex mask with double dildo
Collar and leash made of transparent PCV
Leather collar
Metal leash
Metal handcuffs
Leather whip
Metal nipple clamps
Watenberg's quadruple heel
Electric wireless vibrator
PVC mask with ontwormen on the nostrils
High cage
Leather mask covering mouth
Rope x4
Leather Strap on harness
Glass dildo
Raven Venetian mask
Red electrostimulation stick
Strapon with a harness
Leather overlay for the testicles
Disposable gloves
Room:The Royal Room