Grand Fetish Bal Marquisa De Sade – New Year’s Eve at Fetish Chateau

Venetian masks, baroque wigs, and the atmosphere of French libertinism in the air. Fetish Chateau is the only place in Poland where you could welcome the new year with Marquis De Sade, burlesque shows and pole dance, and a glass of champagne was given to you by beautiful, naked women.

Another great night at Fetish Chateau is behind us. Together we said goodbye to the old year and welcomed the new 2021. The combination of our BDSM kingdom with French libertinism and the spirit of Marquisa De Sade gave an amazing effect. For this special evening, we changed the decor of Fetish Chateau. The whole place was decorated with Venetian masks, baroque wigs, portraits and quotes related to the libertine movement. These were working hours for us, so we are glad for every kind word we heard from you during the ball. We also thank our artists who prepared wonderful shows for us. And you, once again showed with your wonderful creations how much you understand and commit to the atmosphere that we create for you. And at this point, we thank you very much for that, because each of you made this evening so wonderful.

We would like to thank all the guests, artists, service and everyone who contributed to Marquisa De Sade being with us on New Year’s Eve.

Stay Kinky

Fetish Chateau Team