Fetish Chateau Opening Party – photos

Fetish Chateau is a place where fantasies create and come true

The smell of skin in the air. Sounds of latex, metal harnesses and clatter of pins. The studio has a great atmosphere, today many fantasies will come true. You feel it? You know what it means? Fetish Chateau officially opened.

The largest BDSM studio in Poland has been officially opened. Repeatedly named by you the capital of Polish domination. Each participant of the event found out how wonderful this place is. And it was thanks to you that the opening of Fetish Chateau was equally unique. On Saturday, each of us devoted ourselves to fun and fulfilling our fantasies, only restrictions and barriers were in our heads. And all this with respect for mutual security, borders, desires and tolerance for all. You proved to us that Fetish Chateau is a place where everyone can be themselves. No pretending, no shame and no public. Nobody stigmatizes, nobody judges and everyone respects the word „no”. And we thank you very much for this atmosphere of comfort and safety. You gave us many words of appreciation and admiration for the place we created. Each of the 6 rooms in the studio was equally besieged throughout the evening, which also makes us very happy. It is proof for us that it was worth devoting each of the hundreds of hours devoted to building the studio. You already have your favorite room, or you still have to come back to us? Participants provided us with demonstrations of domination, binding and tying, which aroused the interest of all gathered. However, in addition to the acts of domination themselves, the opening of Fetish Chateau was an event where you had many conversations, exchanged valuable comments and experience. We are very pleased that we were visited by guests rooted in the world of BDSM as well as those who decided to explore this world during the opening of our studio. Together, we took care of those for whom it was the first time with the world of domination. And it was the latter who asked before leaving when the next event. Your understanding of dresscode is another aspect that made the evening very atmospheric. Your creations were inspirational, which is why we are already curious what you will prepare next time.

Thank you all for coming, for the atmosphere that we all created together and see you at Fetish Chateau.

Our studio can now be rented for hours or days. Everyone can rent. The whole studio 200m2 just for you. More info at: contact@fetishchateau.com