Frequently Asked Questions

At Fetish Chateau, we strive to ensure maximum discretion for our clients. Therefore, it is NOT possible to rent a single room. The rent price is for the entire premises.

The client can rent our studio for any legal purpose he/she wants, including photo sessions.

Each piece of furniture and items located on the premises of Fetish Chateau is intended for use by the client.

The customer is obligated to self-disinfect all equipment used, with specially designed liquid which is located on each floor of the Fetish Chateau. After cleaning, the used toys should be put back in the chest located in the kitchen.

We do not tolerate games related to human faeces and any illegal sexual activities that violate the rights or comfort of another human being.

Yes, we issue invoices. If you need one, please contact us by e-mail before making the payment for the reservation.

The studio is located in the vicinity of many single-family houses, where there are usually plenty of parking spaces.

We are in possession of ozonation equipment. Ozone is one of the most effective disinfectants. It already shows bactericidal activity at a concentration of about 13 µg / dcm³. The bactericidal action of ozone is 50 times more effective and 3,000 times faster than chlorine.

Ozone is also a disinfectant agent used extensively to protect against Corona Virus

The operating time of the device is about 45 minutes, so after each rental, even an hour, the room is completely sterilized.

From the Chopin airport, the journey time is about 15 minutes, and from Modlin airport it is 45 minutes.

The main purpose of the premises is to rent it to individuals, however, Fetish Chateau frequently hosts events and parties.  These parties take place approximately once a month.  We suggest you follow our social media or the EVENTS tab on the website, where we regularly inform you about upcoming studio events.

The maximum number of people allowed is 6. If you wish to book the premises with a larger group, please contact us by e-mail.

In order to arrange a meeting with one of the Head Mistresses, please contact us via personal email of the selected Dominatrix.

In order to ensure maximum privacy for our clients, Fetish Chateau is NOT monitored.

All the above-mentioned items are available for daily rental. In the case of an hourly rental, we offer clean towels and basic cleaning agents.

We invite you to read our regulations, paragraph 8.

Alcoholic beverages are NOT available on site, but the customer has the right to bring alcohol purchased by himself to the premises.

Yes, up to 6 people – without consulting us. For more than 6 people – please contact us by phone or email.

It is not possible. The premises must be booked online through our booking system.

Yes, we have 2 rings and 2 softboxes.